2023 Baja 1000: Race Recap

We did it: the BFG Performance Team brought home the Baja Challenge class win!

What a wild ride! Baja is not for the faint of heart. I jumped in the drivers seat from approximately race mile 925 – 1070, and then switched to the navigator seat for the final 240 miles. Those last 200 miles were brutal. BRUTAL.

We had a pretty solid day and gained a 3 hour lead when the left rear wheel studs sheared off. Spare parts weren’t near us, and it took over 3 hours to get back on the road. The second place car passed us while we were down, so once Kyle and I got back running – it was a race! We had less than 150 miles to pass them and gain 10 minutes.

Kyle drove like a bat outta hell and I did my best calling out the gps track. Once it got dark, it was cold, muddy, foggy, and raining but we could not let up. It was intense, but we did it!

I’m proud of this team and proud to be a part of it! Another bad ass SCORE Baja 1000 in the books. Thank you BFGoodrich Tires for this opportunity and for supporting this incredibly challenging event. Major props to the Wide Open Baja crew: they do an incredible job supporting multiple cars and managing it all!